Here's 12 Big, Burly Men in Cute, Girly Cosplays

1. Nurse Joy by Zeke

misty zeke
photo credit: George Wong


2. Belle by Ladybeard

belle ladybeard

3. Tinkerbell by @Metalslimer

photo credit: @lone_akaranger 

4. Jubilee by Augustus Winchester

jubilee xmen cosplay buff dudes


5. “Disney Princess Batman” by Sunday Cosplay

batman is a disney princess tumblr
photo credit: decadethreeart

this one was based on THIS popular tumblr post:


6. Satsuki Kiryuin by The Pokemon Men

kill la kill buff cosplay
photo credit: ModelMosa


7. Zarya by Thousand-Faces Cosplay

zarya overwatch genderbent crossplay
photo credit: InsomniacStudiosLLC


8. Sailor Jupiter by Fake Nerd Guys

dude cosplay beefy sailor moon sailor jupiter
photo credit: KevinFreePhotography


9. Tubbs (Neko Atsume) by Eurykrates



10. Pocahontas by Junkers Cosplay

pocahontas male cosplay
photo credit: TheWeiPhotography


11. Firestar by Brozerker Cosplay by BrozerkerCosplay

firestar teen titans cosplay
photo credit: Eurobeat-Kasumi

12. Toph by (cosplayer unknown)

toph avatar the last airbender


Bonus: D.Va (Dad-va?) by TatsuyaCasshern

 overwatch weird cosplay male dva

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