12 Things That Are Normal In Videogames, But Unacceptable IRL

Oh hey, there was another r/askreddit post where users were asked a simple question…

“What is totally unacceptable in real life, but normal in video games?”

Here’s some of the more intriguing answers:

1. Why can’t we just be Sid Meier’s Civilized about this?

gahndi civilization


2. I mean, this is only weird if you live outside Las Vegas…

the sims

3. Just imagine an adult in regular clothes in a full sprint indoors…

videogames reddit askreddit gaming watch dogs 2 running indoors


4. Ha, bet you thought this was a Zelda reference!

chicken kicker kicking


5. If it’s not in your hands, it doesn’t weigh anything.

cs go csgo counter strike gaming videogames running with knices

6. Bethesda logic basically deserves its own post

looting the dead


7. The most advanced adventure simulators ever made, and yet…

skyrim stealing videogames kitchen sink western rpgs jrpgs


8. In real life, my offers of assistance to strangers rarely result in a quest.

reddit videogames legend of zelda Talking to every single person in your general vicinity which then leads to all of them giving you helpful advice


9. Dungeons are not easy on the lower back

legend of zelda inventory equipment overencumbered


10. This one is still baffling

double jump zelda


11. Healing yourself +5 HP at a time

snack attack


12. Oh, that’s dark.

suicide in videogames killing yourself hard videogames


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