12 Awkward Dudes Who Are Secretly “Masters of the Blade”

These images have beeen floating around for a while, but they seem to have hit critical mass recently with their own trending subreddit r/masterforgiveme. People seem to find these images (and the dudes contained therein) hilarious for some reason. Yet one question still persists… WHAT’S SO FUNNY ABOUT MASTERING THE BLADE!?

Indulge us as we try to answer that question.

1. The trope of the “cool rebelious swordsman” is a unique creation born from anime, videogames, and western cyberpunk literature.

superheroes blade glare swords


2. The “Street Samurai” class from the 90s RPG franchise ShadowRun gelled the character into a complete archetype among nerds. 

fedora nerf guy strength

3. The combination of lethal skills, sarcastic humor, and calm demeanor is a tempting fantasy for the anxious, awkward, and fearful. 

amateur hello amateur guy with knives


4. When combined with a theatrical bit of deadly flair, it’s undeniably cool.



5. Anime is full protagonists who hide their killing power behind a friendly exterior, and that’s also appealing to anyone who holds some anger despite their sunny disposition


6. Everyone wants to be strong, to be reliable, to protect what they love most. This is a good decent human desire.

maden bladen maiden weeaboo cosplay prop swords


7. But the overcompensation is so glaring you could see the insecurities from the International Space Station.

apocalypse blademaster nerd cringe fedora


8. It’s a very immature understanding of violence that many grow out of…


9. You can’t make fun of these guys without tacitly admitting that a little part of you used to feel the exact same way.

katana sex twitter


10. For most cases, embracing one’s shortcomings and loving yourself despite the haters is probably the better course towards personal fulfillment

bronies have karanas


11. But as long as there’s affordable swords available at flea markets, chinatowns, and renn fairs, there will always be those who choose the blade.

sword good luck isis british guy master forgive me reddit

12. But that doesn’t mean that’s the end of your story (yes, that’s a young Egoraptor in those photos).


Bonus 1:

while you posted i studied the blade


Bonus 2:

peppa pig weird anime death blade tropes

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